Date:   April 20th, 2021


To:       Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council Advancement Committee


From:  William Charles Jennings, Eagle Scout Candidate, Troop 581, Saratoga CA


Re:       Eagle Scout Application and supporting documentation





Please find attached my Eagle Scout Rank Application, and supporting documentation needed for this application.


I have created a webpage that has all these materials on it, if the advancement committee needs to distribute copies electronically, this may help.  This webpage is protected with a password.  The UserID is “EagleBoard”, and the Password is “BadenPowell1941”.  The info is hyperlinked to the bulleted list below.  The website address is:


In this envelope, you should find, in addition to this cover letter, these items:

·      My Eagle Scout Rank Application

·      My Scouting advancement records from the Scout Office

·      My Life Ambition and Purpose statement

·      My Leadership roles outside of Scouting

·      My Eagle Scout Project Workbook


I have been working with my Eagle Scout Advisor, Mr. Thomas Anderson.  He has contacted my references in March, and has received letters accordingly.  As they are confidential, I do not have a copy, and are not included in this application package for the Eagle Scout Rank.  Mr. Anderson can be contacted at his email,, to get copies of the recommendation letters.


Yours in Scouting,


Will Jennings